We play your favorite oldies from the 50's to the 90's!

At North Jersey 1500 WGHT, we do radio the way it use to be.

With live DJ's who play the music that you grew up with.

The music that was once on vinyl or in the jukebox, records you played on your record player, on a cassette in a boom box or an 8-track (remember those!) and CD.

We have the most extended library of music and we use it! From oldies, pop, rock.. doo-wop to disco, standards, country and more. You won't hear the same songs over and over again, like you do at other radio stations.

Take a listen on your radio at 1500-AM, on-line anytime at wghtradio.com. and look for the Tune in app on your I-Phone.

Here's what it looks like

North Jersey 1500 WGHT is your live and local Radio Station!

Live and Local...radio geared for

North Jersey and has been serving

North Jersey for over 40 Years!

Our DJ's are award winning.

They work, live, and talk about local

North Jersey issues, that concern you.

Radio Station Address:

WGHT Radio

1878 Lincoln Avenue

Pompton Lakes, N.J. 07442


E-Mail your request to our studio! 

WGHT Radio's Coverage Map